Stay Classy

This was my work attire yesterday. I went with a classy all black, accented with my white button-up. My asymmetric skirt, is a simple and sassy part of my wardrobe that revealing, but not too revealing. In my opinion, the best way to be classy is to be sexy, but modest at the same time. I am definitely not the poster child for modesty when it comes to fashion, but sometimes it’s sometimes necessary, especially at work. At work, I actually didn’t even wear the skirt like this, I had it tied up on the side with black leggings underneath. After work was when I decided to show a little more skin. Any who, the black wedges are my moms and I cannot believe how comfortable they are! The sequence jacket is an older garment of mine, but it still never fails to get compliments. My poofy fro is a result of the stormy weather yesterday, but there is never ever anything wrong with going natural. Let me know what you think!

Much Love, Kayla


Button-up Top: Wet Seal

Jacket: Love Culture

Skirt: Wet Seal

Wedges: Famous Footwear

DSCN4549 DSCN4550 DSCN4552 DSCN4553 DSCN4546 DSCN4545 DSCN4539 DSCN4537 DSCN4535


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