DIY Costume #2: Sugar Skull

Even though Halloween is coming to an end, I still wanted to share what I wore tonight with you guys. For my super easy sugar skull costume I dressed in all black with my kimono. It was all about the face for this costume. I bought the mask for 99 cents and the fan for about $3 at Halloween City. I painted the mask myself and added makeup to my mouth and nose for the full effect. Then I wore a bow tie and my floral headband. I’m not sure what the kimono and bow tie had to do with anything but I thought it made it cute. Definitely the best $5 costume I ever had! Happy Halloween and Happy Dia de los Muertos!








Outfit Deets!

Kimono: Deb | Raglan | Leggings: Pink | Boots: Wet Seal | Headband: Forever 21

Much Love, Kayla


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