Three Baby Steps To Healthier Living

Personally, I have the problem of getting all excited and motivated to be healthy, I get in the hang of it, and then it randomly stops. So, I have decided to try a new approach: It’s not about being skinny or dropping dress sizes, it’s about taking care of your body. Instead of worrying about how much weight I’m losing, I want to focus more on creating a “healthy me.” I have been actively in sports my entire life until college. They call it the Freshman Fifteen, but it’s more like the Freshman Thirty-Five. If you feel that way too, then I promise you are not alone! Not only is it harder to find time to stay active and eat well in college, but it’s even ten times harder in the winter time. This is why I have decided to start with baby steps and make them habits that will ease me into a more structured way of eating and exercising. Here are the three baby steps that I am taking, starting TODAY! Because, why not today?

1. Cut back on the pop and junk

On top of all the sugar, pop has chemicals in it that are horrible for your body. I am trying to stop drinking pop all together. Once you get in the habit of it, you really don’t even want it anymore. When you really want some pop and you’re sick of water, then try an alternative that’s a little bit better for you, like Gatorade or tea. As for sweets and junk food, start off by paying attention to serving sizes. Don’t sit down with a whole thing of Oreo’s and end up eating half of them. If the serving size is 2 or 3 cookies, then only take out that many and don’t go back for more.

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3. Try to give your body what it needs

Instead of starving all day at school and work and then binging when you get home at night (which I am guilty of), try to plan out some meals and snacks for the day. Make sure you’re having some fruit and veggies every day. Try to carry an apple and a granola bar in your purse. It’s better to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day, then two big meals. Counting calories is the most effective, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. That’s a very big commitment. Just try to think about what your body needs and your energy level will surly start to improve.

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3. Start exercising three times a week

Of course exercising every day is beyond awesome, but if you already have work and school five days a week then it’s not exactly an easy task. Start off slow with just three times a week. It ca be something simple to start off, for example, I did the elliptical for 30 min today. As the weather gets warmer, maybe you could go for a jog or bike ride. Not only will these things build your metabolism and stamina for a better work out later on, but it will also provide some stress relief from your already hectic life.


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