Summer 2015 To Do’s!


[X] Go to a concert

[X] Visit my family in Texas

[-] Visit some graduate schools that I’m interested in… especially in NYC!

[X] Go to Chicago

[X] Go to Cali for my first time

[X] Get a great tan

[X] Go on a camping/canoeing trip

[X] Visit my family in Tennessee

[X] Go to the zoo

[-] Go to the aquarium

[X] Spend time with my little sisters… it’s my last summer at home!

[-] Tie dye clothes for the first time

[X] Spend days at the beach

[X] Take the GRE test

[X] Start the application process for grad school

[X] Go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game

[-] Read good books

[-] Write some freelance articles and hopefully get them published

[-] Take a trip to Frankenmuth

[X] Complete an internship

[X] Successfully complete two summer courses and my GRE prep class

[X] Go to Cedar Point

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