Kick Off Your Summer Wardrobe

It’s officially spring! Which means finals are happening, school is ending, and summer plans are forming! Recently I have been trying to pick up a few things here and there to really jumpstart my summer wardrobe. Here are some items that I came up with that may be a great start to your summer attire as well!

Oxford Shoes

A pair of simple, everyday shoes are just what I needed after a winter of boots, boots, and more boots. I decided to purchase my very first pair of Oxford shoes when I saw them on the clearance shelf in ALDO Shoe’s. They are all black, which is just what I need for work and they re light and comfortable. Not to mention they were only $20, with an original price of $50! You can still purchase them here.

IMG_6880 IMG_6883

Statement Bag

This bag is really special to me because I fell in love with it at a marketplace in Florence. It was made in Italy and I bargained it for $25. The fun, girly prints and versatility of it just caught my eye. The straps can be pulled to wear it as a backpack and it has a lot of different compartments on the inside. The top edge of it has a lip shape to it and the design looks like a fashion magazine. I know I will have a lot of fun carrying it around this summer!

IMG_6889 IMG_6898

Printed, Lightweight Scarf

Just because it’s warmer doesn’t mean that you can’t still rock a scarf. Cute prints and bright colors on a light, thin scarf can transform a whole outfit. I got this scarf as a gift from my aunt and it didn’t feel right to wear such a vibrant piece in the winter, so I saved it until now. The contrast really makes it pop and the animal print is just completely my thing.



Jumpsuits and rompers have been making a big comeback in recent years. Just this year I bought my first pant jumpsuit in black and now I finally have found a romper that I like. This denim one-piece if from Dots and I believe it cost about $25. I like it because it will be easy to dress up or down. There is so much I can do with it!


Lounge Outfit

Summertime calls for a lot of lazy days so it is only right to by a nice, comfy outfit to wear around the house. This one is a sporty Chicago Bulls set that I got on sale from Rue 21. The material is really thin and stretchy so it will not be too hot and I can either sleep in it or wear it out.

IMG_6900 IMG_6927


The whole sailor/nautical look was seen on the runway at various fashion weeks for this season. I decided to join in on the trend with this simple v-neck, body-con dress from Rue 21. I think it will make a good day dress this spring/summer.


Palazzo Pants

These are the most comfortable pants ever! They are super soft and so bohemian. I got the pants and shirt from Rue 21. They are thin so they will not be hot in the warmer weather and I could totally see myself wearing this outfit on the beach or to a BBQ.

IMG_6907IMG_6928 IMG_6929

Basic White Top

I know that white is a dangerous color to wear, but it always looks so neat and clean. A plain, white shirt can go with any accessories, any bottoms, and look good for so many different occasions. Mine was really inexpensive from Wet Seal. You can purchase it here for only $4.99!


Maxi Dress

A simple maxi dress is not only comfortable in warm weather, but it can be your go-to item for almost any casual event. It gives you a pretty, summery look without having to put in much effort or thought. Just slip on your maxi dress with some cute sandals and wavy hair and your instantly summer chic.

IMG_6921 IMG_6923

Floral Tank

If you ever thought about wearing a traditional Hawaiian floral print, then summer is definitely the time to experiment. This tank is from Pink by Victoria’s Secret and it is great to wear over your swimsuit of with some denim shorts. The blues and orange in the design make a unique color combination that is perfect for Summer.

IMG_6914 IMG_6916

High-waisted Shorts

Not only are high-waisted shorts on trend right now, but they are also available almost anywhere. I got both this white pair and denim pair from Charlotte Russe on a buy on get one for $10 promo.

IMG_6937 IMG_6938 IMG_6932 IMG_6933

Bohemian Cardigan or Poncho 

With the closing of Coachella, bohemian style has been trending heavy lately. One of the most satisfying pieces of this style to me is a flowing cardigan or poncho. They are adorable to cover up with in the evening or just look super cute and casual during the day. More earthy tones on these or a southwestern print are common, but really fun for summer. This one is from Wet Seal.

IMG_6909 IMG_6911

Asymmetrical Skirt

These are really sassy for a summer night. They are simple so you can wear a variety of different tops with them and it works with a heel, wedge, or sandal. I got red because I personally don’t own a lot of red, but a basic black would be a good idea. This one is from Charlotte Russe.


Racerback Bra

Every girl needs a racerback bra in their wardrobe, especially in the summer. A lot of tank tops are racerback and this is the best and easiest way to hide your bra straps and feel secure. My set is from Pink by Victoria’s Secret. The bra is a front-close style from the Logo Racerback Push-up collection and the panty is a Logo Cheekster.


Jeweled Headband

This silver headband is from Wet Seal and I got it because it was simple and would go with anything. I think a cute, simple headband is much needed in the summer because when it’s hot you want to keep your hair out of your face.


Crop Top

I have quite a few crop tops, but this one in particular is from Rue 21. I loved the lace detail on the front and the “Tres Chic” graphic was just so me.


Pullover Hoodie

Of course hoodies aren’t necessarily for summer, but if you plan on going to bon fires or camping trips then a simple pullover hoodie is a great idea. My gray one is from Pink by Victoria’s Secret and it is super cozy!


Let me know what you think!

xoxo, Kayla

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