5 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self

Whether you spent Valentine’s Day alone, with your girls, or with your boo it’s always important to treat yo’ self at times. So, for this Valentine’s Day, I decided to do just that. I think it’s important to never feel bad for being single or spending some time alone. It’s so important to learn how to make yourself happy. Here are five ways that I decided to treat myself this Valentine’s Day, but they are things that you can do any day of the year!

Give yourself a mani pedi: I prefer to get my nails and toes done at a nail shop, but when you’re on a budget you don’t have to let your cuticles suffer. I used my new nail polish that my friend got me and added some color to my nails and toes. I feel so much more together now.


Cleanse your pores: Wash your face and then relax with a nice face mask. It’s so rejuvenating to do a mask before bed. Then, rinse it off with warm water and put lotion up. Your face will feel great.


Buy yourself a present: I didn’t need someone else to get me a gift because I got myself some. I got a 20% off coupon from American Eagle so I bought some new jeans. I also got a mini set from the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection.


Journal or read a good book: Take a minute to step away from your work and your phone and just escape for a little while. Cozy up in your bed, make some tea, and do some writing or reading.


Wine & sweets: Splurge a little on an actual treat and have a glass of wine with your favorite sweet. I had some friends over and we ordered Insomnia Cookies. They were so good!


How do you treat yo’ self?

xoxo, Kayla

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