Fresh Paint: Stay Golden

A little while ago I tried a nail place in Ann Arbor called LUVΒ and frankly, it was not the best manicure. They trimmed my cuticles dry (which hurts!) and they didn’t massage or lotion my hands afterwards. I don’t know if that makes me sound high maintenance, but isn’t that part of what you pay for when you get a manicure? Speaking of price, they … Continue reading Fresh Paint: Stay Golden

Fresh Paint: #PartyGirlProblems

Last time I got a mani pedi, I wanted something fun because it was right before my birthday. I am pretty partial to sparkles already so when I found this awesome multicolored glitter polish called #PartyGirlProblems I knew that’s exactly what I wanted. To make it show up better, they added a coat of dark purple underneath. I wanted my toes to be a different … Continue reading Fresh Paint: #PartyGirlProblems