Trend Report: Spring ’16

I recently wrote an article for The Eastern Echo about what trends to look out for this season. I decided to add some visuals and share these fun trends with you guys! All products were found on Polyvore and may no longer be available. Colors: Pantone Color Report Cold Shoulders: According to, many designers have been creating tops with cutouts meant to highlight just the shoulders. … Continue reading Trend Report: Spring ’16


Black Skinny Jeans: From the office to hanging out

We are busy people. If you are anything like me then you’re probably running from school to work and work to school throughout the week (or day) while still trying to have some sort of a social life. Sometime you don’t have time to worry about changing your clothes in between your hectic schedule, but with a few simple staple garments you may be able … Continue reading Black Skinny Jeans: From the office to hanging out