Sweater Weather

When I was a little girl I hated turtlenecks so much. My mom would try to get me to wear them, but I would refuse. I'm not sure why, but luckily I grew out of that! Now, I love to have at least one or two in my closet for the colder months. They're so … Continue reading Sweater Weather


Brand Spotlight: Zhuu

Brand: Zhuu Products: Women's party dresses, tops, and jackets. Brand CEO: Erishun Garrett Website: https://www.zhuushop.com/ Instagram: @zhuugirl Behind the Brand: "The #ZhuuGirl is a powerful representation of women in modern day society. She has a kick-ass-go-getter mindset and a spunk and wit that is hard to match. She is confident, strong, beautiful, smart, and knows exactly what she wants! The #ZhuuGirl … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Zhuu