Brand Spotlight: Zhuu

Brand: Zhuu Products: Women’s party dresses, tops, and jackets. Brand CEO: Erishun Garrett Website: Instagram: @zhuugirl Behind the Brand: “The #ZhuuGirl is a powerful representation of women in modern day society. She has a kick-ass-go-getter mindset and a spunk and wit that is hard to match. She is confident, strong, beautiful, smart, and knows exactly what she wants! The #ZhuuGirl embodies feminism, body positivity and love for all. She knows … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Zhuu

Brand Spotlight: The Noble Brand

Brand: The Noble Brand Products: Clothes, hats and more. Brand CEO: Sydney Symone Noble Website: Instagram: @thenoblebrand | Twitter: @TheNobleBrand Behind the Brand: Sydney Nobel: “The Noble Brand is a clothing line dedicated to uplifting the inner royalty in everyone (specifically the minority). We currently live in a time where music and pop culture portrays our men as gangsters/troublemakers and are teaching our young women that they have to look a certain … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: The Noble Brand

Brand Spotlight: V. Stella Rex

Brand: V. Stella Rex Products: T-shirts, hats, stickers, wristbands and more Brand CEO: Aaron “A.J.” Hayes Website: Instagram: @v.stellarex | Facebook: /FiveStarKings Behind the brand: Aaron Hayes and his team have only been putting out clothes for six months and it has generated  a pretty big buzz around the metro Detroit Area. The name V. Stella Rex stands for Five-Star Kings; the V is the Roman numeral for … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: V. Stella Rex

Guest Post: Free Apps for Beauty Addicts

  It wasn’t too long ago when we would scour through beauty and fashion magazines for makeup ideas, but with the power of technology these days, inspiration now comes from our smartphones and the apps that come with them, connecting us to fellow beauty addicts from far and wide. Although Pinterest is among the top social media outlets to provide us with the best tips, … Continue reading Guest Post: Free Apps for Beauty Addicts

The HomeAway Movement: Unused Vacation Time

Work is essential, of course, but for many of us our job becomes the focus of our daily life, to the point where taking time off seems impossible. Roughly 224 billion dollars is credited to corporations for unused vacation time. According to Project Time Off, this liability has been accumulated over years of employees rolling over unused paid time off that does not include sick or personal leave. CNN … Continue reading The HomeAway Movement: Unused Vacation Time


Happy New Year to all of my followers! I will be sharing pictures from my New Years celebration in a separate post, but first I had to share something more important. One of my good friends was in a severe car accident on New Years. I am simply asking that you send your prayers and good vibes towards him and his family. His name is … Continue reading #PrayForSqueak

Wayfair: What’s your #DormStyle?

Today I’m super excited to share with you guys my back-to-school campaign with Wayfair called #DormStyle! Right now they have tons and tons of back-to-school products that are up to 70% off! It’s literally the perfect time to stock up on everything you need before school starts. Whether it’s your first year in college or your last, it’s always fun to plan out how you … Continue reading Wayfair: What’s your #DormStyle?