Three Baby Steps To Healthier Living

Personally, I have the problem of getting all excited and motivated to be healthy, I get in the hang of it, and then it randomly stops. So, I have decided to try a new approach: It’s not about being skinny or dropping dress sizes, it’s about taking care of your body. Instead of worrying about how much weight I’m losing, I want to focus more … Continue reading Three Baby Steps To Healthier Living

Workout Essentials

If you are getting a quick workout at home, heading to the gym, or even just a bike ride around the neighborhood there are some things that you need in order to get the best workout you can. Also, as fashionistas these essentials can be coordinated or jazzed up to express your sense of style even when you’re tired and sweating. These are some things … Continue reading Workout Essentials

5 Ways to Relax After a Long Day

1. Bubble Bath After a long day at work there is nothing more relaxing than setting up a nice bath. Personally, I love to play my music on my iHome and light some candles. The candles not only make for the ultimate relaxing lighting, but certain scents can help sooth your body as well. I would even suggest making a playlist on your phone or … Continue reading 5 Ways to Relax After a Long Day