Peaceful Resistance: Boston, MA

Recently my best friend and I took a trip to Boston to visit my cousin. It was my first time in Boston and I’ve heard tons of great things about the historic city. After living in NYC for the last couple months, it was honestly a nice break. I absolutely love NYC, but Boston was a lot more calm, clean, and green. It was like a weekend of fresh air.

My cousin and her boyfriend have a house in the suburbs so we got to stay with them for free, which was great of course. We drove into Boston from my cousin’s house on a Saturday morning and spent the day there. We had the best brunch ever at The Friendly Toast, which I highly recommend! This was followed by a walk through the Boston Commons. There was a planned white supremacy (a.k.a. FAKE free speech) protest scheduled for that morning and we had no idea what we would come across when we got over there. But, what we found wasn’t scary or dangerous at all. There were hundreds of signs plastered all over the fences with messages of peaceful resistance.

The counter-protest had GREATLY outnumbered the white supremacist and the park was full of people of all races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations who were there to let the Neo-Nazi’s know that they were NOT welcome there.Β It was a beautiful sight to walk around and see so many people hanging signs with messages of “Black Lives Matter” and “Love Diversity.” It was very emotional and I’m so glad I was able to witness so much positive energy.

After we left the park, we were on to more touristy things. We went to Georgetown Cupcakes, ate oysters at Union Oyster House, saw a really powerful Holocaust memorial, and picked up some dessert from Mike’s Pastry (I got a yummy mousse cannoli). I had a really great time with my cousin and best friend and Boston is really beautiful city. I can’t wait to go back again!



Bloody Marry Flight!



Best chicken & waffles ever.



Peaceful counter protest at Boston Commons.






Georgetown Cupcakes


Mermaid Life ❀




Holocaust Remembrance ❀



The oldest restaurant in the country.



Boston’s famous cannoli!



What’s your favorite spot in Boston?

xoxo, Kayla



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