Loverly: Dream Day Style Challenge

Almost every girl day dreams of what her perfect wedding will look like. Maybe you’re single (like me), maybe you’ve been dating someone for a little bit, or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’s special someone just put a ring on it, but whatever the case it is always fun to think about your dream dress and all the fabulous fun and beauty that goes behind a wedding. Loverly is basically a one stop digital destination where you can plan out everything you think you might want for your dream wedding. They have everything from wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories, decor, stationary, gifts, and more. You can use loverly to create a profile and save all of your favorites items. No matter what theme or venue you’re planning on using for your big day, Loverly has it all and at a wide variety of price points as well. Below I took a few different wedding sceneries and styled the bride-to-be who may be getting married in the given settings. It was a ton of fun and all of the products below can be purchased through Loverly.

City Glam

When I saw this backdrop and heard the term “city glam” the first thing that came to mind was a luxurious rooftop overlooking the city with a bride that is modern, sassy, and trendy. I chose this dress and these accessories because the hints of rose gold and off-white are gorgeous and one of my personal absolute favorites for a woman who is wanting to shake things up and let her fabulosity show. The red lipglass is so hollywood and the nude nails are totally in style right now for a bride who wants to be modern and show stopping.

cityglam tumblr_nbo10lIAdS1qgjl3so1_1280

Dress: $928 | Shoes: $159.95| Ring: $982| Earrings: $25| Perfume: $94 | Lipglass: $15 | Nail polish | Purse: $115

Beach Affair

A wedding on the beach has always been one of my top choices if I ever get married. I think of a bride who is calm, easygoing, and has an effortless natural beauty to her. With the sun, the sand, and the breeze all playing a part in the lovely scene, I instantly pictured a shorter dress. The brooch bouquet is stunning and the blue magnolia on it set the mood for the rest of my accessories. The headband, bracelet, bag, and earrings all work together to create this ultra chic look, perfect for a whimsical beach wedding.

Beach Affair tumblr_nbo17hOvLQ1qgjl3so1_1280

Dress | Shoes: $695 | Bag: $295 | Bouquet: $400 | Ring: $11250 | Bracelet: $470 | Earrings: $60 | Nail Polish: $8.50 | Lotion: $35

Rustic Chic

A rustic chic wedding out in the country gives me a more traditional, romantic vibe. For this look I decided to style the bride with a dress slightly more traditional in the sense that it is floor length, white, and lacy. However, the front detailing is so epic that it could make the most simplistic bride look like a princess. Since the dress is more of a pure white, I went with silver shoes and accessories that included a tiara to top off her royal moment. The perfume “Mary Me” was just so perfect and cute that I had to add it to the look.

RusticChic tumblr_nbnz7kmqOK1qgjl3so1_1280

Dress: $3510 | Shoes: $14.99 | Tiara: $139.99 | Ring | Purse: $210 | Earrings: $34 |Perfume


Much Love, Kayla


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