I’m So Fancy

This was my first day of school attire. My outfit is mostly by Pink because I had to work before class. I love the bright colors and the comfortable, sporty vibe. I think it’s great to be in flexible clothes and flat shoes when you have run around campus on a hot, sunny day. The tank top I’m wearing just came out recently and I had to get it the day I seen it because “I’m So Fancy” by Iggy Azalea is one of my favorite songs. The shoes, which drew a lot of attention, were actually a Christmas present last year from one of my good friends. I also went against the humid weather and took the chance of wearing my hair straight and down but it didn’t frizz too bad luckily. I am also happy to report that all my classes went very well. Since it’s my Junior year now I pretty much have the hang of things. How was your first day of school?

Much Love, Kayla


DSCN4937 DSCN4941 DSCN4942 DSCN4943 DSCN4945 DSCN4952

Outfit Deets!

Top: Pink | Yoga Leggings: Pink | Shoes: “Candy” KD 6’s from Champs | Backpack: Vera Bradley | Earrings: Deb | Sunglasses

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