School Supplies Checklist

One thing that a lot of people get excited about (including me) is fresh school supplies! It’s such a great way to express your personality, be organized, and be prepared for whatever your professor throws at you. I personally like to match my folders and notebooks by color for each individual class (ex: red folder and notebook for psychology). Some of the stuff on my list might not be necessary for everyone, but sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if it’s something you know you can get use out of eventually. Also, if you’re not super picky about your school supplies then you can find some really great deals out there! My adorable folders were only 50 cents each and my notebooks were about a dollar each! Also, when it comes to your textbooks, try to rent or buy used to save money. Compare prices on online sites as well like Amazon, Chegg, and What is your favorite school supplies item you purchased for this year?

Much Love, Kayla


1. Notebooks, I prefer one per class

2. Folders, I also like to have one per class

3. Pack of highlighters

4. Pens

5. Calculator

6. Pencils

7. Erasers

8. Binders, if necessary

9. Scissors

10. Sticky notes

11. Backpack

12. Planner

13. Pencil case

14. Stapler & staples

15. 3-ring hole puncher, if you use binders

16. Loose leaf paper, if you use binders

17. Computer paper

18. Computer ink

19. Flash drive

20. Notecards

21. Textbooks

22. Any special supplies required (art, photography, gym clothes, etc.)

23. Paperclips

24. Binder dividers or tabs, if necessary

25. Laptop or Tablet case

26. Measuring device (ruler), if necessary

27. Flash Drive

28. Softwares (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.)

Product Deets!

Backpack: Vera Bradley | Planner: Vera Bradley | Supplies: Meijer | Shoes: Custom Converse | Textbooks: EMU Campus Bookstore

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