Channeling My Inner Marilyn

For the second day of classes I decided to be a bit more girly and pull out the wedges. The high-waisted skater skirt was a little too short so I had to do the black tights underneath. But, the main focus of the ensemble was my Marilyn Monroe graphic tee with mesh shoulders. Since she is one of my biggest style icons, it’s only right to have at least one shirt with her face on it. Then, of course, I had to go with the red lips. The outfit was a little spunky, but I’m always down to change things up when it comes to fashion. The wedges were actually pretty comfortable all day as well. What graphic tees do you have in your closet?

Much Love, Kayla


DSCN4954 DSCN4960 DSCN4961 DSCN4962 DSCN4963 DSCN4964 DSCN4965 DSCN4968 DSCN4969 DSCN4971 DSCN4974

Outfit Deets

Top: Deb | Skirt: Pink | Tights | Wedges: Famous Footwear | Sunglasses: Wet Seal | Ring: Earthbound | Necklace: handmade | Bracelete: Charlotte Russe

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