Jeans, Scarfs, and Long Sleeves

This top and jeans were purchased while I was I was in Tennessee and I knew they would be perfect for my transition into fall fashion. The eye on the front of the raglan is a little weird but with the gems and the color scheme, I can’t help but love it. Besides, weird is a good thing in fashion. The high-waisted, light denim jeans are very stretchy and comfortable. I’ve had the flats for a while, but white flats are definitely a good thing to keep in your closet. And what is fall fashion without scarfs? My teal scarf accented the top perfectly and the white skinny belt complimented the shoes. Let me know what you think of this look.

Much Love, Kayla


DSCN5045 DSCN5046 DSCN5047 DSCN5048 DSCN5053 DSCN5054 DSCN5055 DSCN5056 DSCN5059 DSCN5062 DSCN5064

Outfit Deets!

Top: Charlotte Russe | Scarf | Jeans: Charlotte Russe | Flats | Belt: Wet Seal | Bracelets: Wet Seal

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