Monday Morning Motivation

monday morning

This morning I woke up pretty stressed out. I have homework to do, I worked late all weekend, I have so many projects on my mind, and my camera is broke! Doesn’t it seem like when one bad thing happens, at least two more bad things follow it? Well, in reality that’s all in your mind. Bad things don’t come to us in multiples because bad things happen every day. Of course some days are worse than others, but it is up to us to not solely focus on those negatives. You’re already blessed because you woke up this morning. Every single day has the potential to be great, we just have to see that potential and make it a reality. So even though I am incredibly stressed this morning, I know I am blessed and I know today can be a great day. When you force yourself out of bed and off to school or work or wherever you need to be this morning, I challenge you to get a warm cup of coffee, put on an outfit that you feel confident in, put on your favorite perfume, and put on your biggest smile. Everyone have an amazing week!

Much Love, Kayla

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