My 2014 Recap

Here are some of my highlights of 2014!


I turned 20. I entered into the realm of sorta adulthood. I got a beautiful rose gold Michael Kors watch from my parents. I had a get together at a hotel and became really close with some of my work friends. My little sister Ciara turned six. I went to a Detroit Pistons Game with my friends Kymo and Q.



My little sister Mya turned five. I took my little sisters to Build-A-Bear.

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I saw Disney on Ice with my friend Julia. My step-dad and Kymo had birthdays.



I attended the EMU Celebration of Excellence and received a $500 scholarship from the English department. I went to Panama City Beach, Florida with my cousins.



I went to New York City to study different fashion markets. I attended the NAACP dinner at the Cobo Arena in Detroit with my friend Kailena and we saw my Uncle Donnell speak. My little cousin Savannah went to prom. I went to a # ViceTeam party with my friends.

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I went on a road trip to Indiana and Illinois with Julia. We attended the Puerto Rican festival in Chicago and went camping. I participated in Relay for Life with my coworkers.

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I went to the Wyandotte Street Art Fair with my friend Bianca. I attended my coworker Taylor’s wedding. I went to the beach with my cousins and took a trip out to MSU to visit Kailena. I went to the club with my friend Nikki and my boys.

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I went to Cedar Point with Julia. I got my hair done. Bianca and I helped Kailena move out of her apartment. I went to Tennessee with my family to visit my grandparents.




I started my junior year of college. My mom and Chad had there 10 year wedding anniversary. I went out for Julia’s 21st birthday.



My mom had her birthday and we went out and got our nails done. I went to my Aunt Misty’s house and celebrated my two cousins birthdays. I took my little sisters Trick-or-Treating.



I saw Motown the Musical at the Fisher Theater in Detroit. I went to a bar for the first time with my girls. I went on a road trip to Cleveland, Ohio to see a Cavaliers game. I went to Kalamazoo for an early thanksgiving dinner with my step-dad’s side of the family and then I had thanksgiving at my aunts house with my moms side of the family. My mom and I saw the new Hunger Games movie.



I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends. I got amazing gifts. I got a bonus for making my sales goals in November. I purchased Nikki Minaj’s new CD. I saw my dad’s side of the family.

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The End ❤

Dear 2015,

I have learned so many lessons and I truly believe that 2014 was a turning point in my life. I’ve never been so happy and adventurous and excited about life before. I’m ready for whatever this year has in store for me and I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Happy New Year!

xoxo, Kayla

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