What I Got For Christmas


I got some of the most amazing gifts this year! I am incredibly blessed and thankful for all of my family and friends who got me gifts. Basically, I got everything I wanted and more. It made me feel so good inside to see how well my friends and family new me and how much thought went into every single thing I received. It was truly the best Christmas ever. Here are all of the different things I got!

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

A huge thank you to my mom and step-dad, Chad, for my new camera!!! Basically every blogger and journalists dream, I can now take way higher quality images. I’m so excited!


Bath, Body and Hair Care

From nice razors and soaps to a variety of lotions and hair products, my family stocked me up on these wonderful products. Thank you to my parents, aunts, and grandparents!


Travel Accessories

Since I am going abroad for the first time next month, my parents and one of my best friends got me these awesome little accessories so I can travel in style and comfort. I have a neck pillow, passport book, luggage tags, and some organization pouches. Thank you to my parents and Kailena!



Thank you to my other best friend Bianca, my grandparents, and my aunt who got me fabulous accessories! Sunglasses, phone cases, earring, and scarfs. I love it all! They are all so fun and adorable.

IMG_5401 IMG_5408


My mom and step-dad got me Maleficent and my dad got me all of the other DVD’s I wanted. I was most excited about season four of Pretty Little Liars (no, I don’t have Netflix). So, if anyone wants to have a movie night anytime soon then let me know!



My mom and aunt know my OCD well. I got a new wall calendar for my room and a new planner for the new year.


Makeup & Beauty Tools

My parents, aunts, grandparents, and little cousin fulfilled by beauty fix with nail stuff, a much needed eyelash curler, makeup brushes, and a couple of other things to keep in my purse.



Of course fashion is my obsession, so two of my main gifts were black Timberland boots from my dad and a shiny black Fossil watch from my mom and step-dad. My little cousin Alivia picked me out the adorable “Fancy” beanie.

IMG_5445 IMG_5305 IMG_5467


As a writer, there is almost nothing I love more than cuddling up with my candles lit, with a cup of coffee, as I write or read. My friend Kailena got me a set of candles, Julia got me pj’s and a TMNT cup, Bianca got me the “Queen of Everything” coffee cup, two of my aunts got me animal print blankets, Julia also got me the cheetah pajama set, my grandparents got me a journal, and my mom got me the book by Lauren Conrad.

IMG_5389 IMG_5397

Thank you to every single person who got me a gift or spent time with me this holiday. It was amazing. Let me know what your favorite gift was that you received in the comments!

Much Love, Kayla


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