School Day Essentials: Fall 2015

Everyone has their own morning routine and everyone has certain things that they need to get through the day… especially in college. Weather it’s your lucky socks and a can of Mountain Dew or your favorite perfume and a daily stop at Starbucks, we all have little things that play a part in keeping our day together. Here are a few of my school day essentials that keep my week running smoothly.


My Planner

Every school year one of the first things I purchase is a new planner. I am one of those people that has different colors highlighters to color code my planner and sticky notes to mark the pages. I probably couldn’t survive without writing down my assignment due dates, work hours, newspaper and internship deadlines, meetings, and whatever else comes along. This year, I chose a metallic and cheetah print planner from Victoria’s Secret Pink. I like how it had a lot of space and lines to write things every day and it had stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers?

Comfy Shoes

Of course you always want to look cute on campus, but if you are going to be walking over hills and switching buildings every 1-2 hours then I would suggest some comfy sneakers or boots. One of my favorite shoes to walk in at the moment are my Air Jordan Futures from Footlocker. They were originally $114.99 in girl sizes, but they’re currently on sale for $89.99. The weaved material causes them to be flexible around your foot, it almost feels like a custom fit.

 A Go-To Accessory

Every season I seem to have a different go-to accessory. In the summer, I was all about sunglasses. Now, I want to wear scarfs all the time. They are warm and they easily turn a simple ensemble into something much more fabulous and interesting. This scarf in particular was a gift from my family. Not only are infinity scarfs my favorite, but I also love shades of teal and I really like the geometric print as well.

Matching Body Care Set

I am not picky with scents, I love a lot of different things… florals, fruits, outdoors, etc. What matters to me is that my lotion, shower gel and sometimes even my perfume or body spray have to match. If you layer the same scent then it will last much longer and it will smell stronger. I will usually shower in the morning with a scented shower gel, then lotion with that same scent right after, and then apply some body mist of that scent right before I leave and possibly a few more times throughout the day. The scent that I’m currently enjoying is Be Enchanted from Bath and Body Works.

IMG_8494 IMG_8490 IMG_8489 IMG_8488 IMG_8486 IMG_8485 IMG_8482 IMG_8480 IMG_8479

What are your daily essentials?

xoxo, Kayla

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