Holiday Look Book 2014

Christmas is always a fun to time to dress for the occasion. Weather you are lounging in your pj’s all day, getting dressed to visit family, or going to a holiday party there are a lot of fun routes you can take with your holiday look. These three outfits are what I wore for all of my holiday adventures.

Christmas Morning Pj’s

No makeup and messy hair at about 8 a.m. after my sisters came and got me out of bed… sounds about right! My pajamas are from Old Navy and my slippers are from Icing. Thermal shirts are one of my favorite things in the winter and my fuzzy animal print pants were super cozy.

IMG_5275 IMG_5276 IMG_5277

The Not-So Ugly Christmas Sweater

On Christmas Eve I went to visit my grandparents in Kalamazoo. It’s a tradition that my family goes there every year. With an almost two hour car drive it’s important to be comfortable, but I still wanted to be cute and into the holiday spirit. Last year I bought this awesome sequenced sweater from Pink. I Since I can only wear it in the winter, I made sure to make it a point to wear it. I went a little sparkle crazy with my metallic leggings (also from Pink) and sequence Ugg boots, but I still think it didn’t come off as an overkill. What do you guys think?

IMG_5288 IMG_5290 IMG_5293 IMG_5297

Christmas Classy

This is the outfit that I wore on Christmas day to a family get together and also to volunteer at a senior home. I wore it a week prior as well to a holiday party. This outfit is perfect for looking classy when you’re going to be around a lot of people and you just want to look nice for the holiday. The red is obviously very traditional, but with the black accents made it a little more classy and grown-up in my opinion. The dress is from Wet Seal. I also put on this cute sequence santa hat for fun.

IMG_5298 IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5302 IMG_5303

I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday!

Much Love, Kayla


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