In Theaters Now: Spring ’15 Movie Reviews

Lately, I have been a pretty frequent movie goer. Me and my mom have gone to our local theater a couple of times for discount day (only $5.50 on Wednesdays) and I also went last weekend while I was in Tennessee with my family. I love going to the movies. The idea of stepping away from reality and emerging yourself into this whole new world for just a couple of hours is one of my favorite ways to relax and spend some free time. This past month or so in particular, I have seen some awesome movies and none of them have fallen short of expectation.


Cinderella_2015_1 For the Disney lovers: If you are a Disney fan then this film will not let you down. After Maleficent, I am a huge fan of the classic princess movie remakes. Lily James plays a dazzling Cinderella. From her flawless looks to her gentle spirit that is portrayed in the film, she really brings the original Disney character to life. The story line is a pretty good match as far as the evil step-mother and step-sisters side of it. Prince Charming’s story is a little bit different from the original though. Overall, it complimented the cartoon version nicely, making it much more realistic and compelling to watch while still having the traditional fairy tale spirit that we all know and love. This film is appropriate for the whole family. If you’re a hopeless romantic then you are surly to enjoy the unrealistic, but extremely adorable love connection that the two main characters show.



For the fangirls/fanboys: Whether you have read the whole book series or you have only seen the first movie, I think that Insurgent is worth the trip to the theater. I know that pretty much 99% of the fan base probably likes the books much more, but speaking as someone who has ONLY seen the movies, I really like it! I think that if you have read the books, then the movie will be fun to make comparisons to and if you are like me and have only followed the movies then it was very enjoyable. I really like how the relationship between Tris and Four develops as Tris deals with the pain from her past. I wasn’t a very big fan of Shailene Woodley in her Secret Life days, but after the first Divergent movie I have really grown to respect her as an actress. I also thought the action scenes were creative and well done. The ending of the movie was great, but I really have no clue what direction it is heading in for the last movie? I would love to hear the opinion of someone who read the books, so please feel free to comment below!

Furious 7


For the action seekers: If you have been obsessed with this franchise since day one, then you NEED to see this. If you have never seen these movies before, but you love cars, violence, and a good story line, then you also NEED to see this. It wraps up the story line of the previous movies very nicely and gives a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker at the end that is sure to make you shed a tear. The concept of family and loyalty is so compelling in this movie that you can’t help but admire these characters. Each actor and actress has added such unique traits that bring their characters to life and these movies take you to a place that no other action/car movie has every been able to do. The intense scenery is so unbelievable, but so realistically portrayed at the same time. I would strongly suggest streaming the last six movies and then watching this one. It’s worth it!

RIP Paul Walker

*These movie photos were taken from Google Images.

If you have a good movie suggestion or you would like to add something to my reviews then please email me at or comment below! I would love to hear from you!

xoxo, Kayla

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