Opening Day

Although I was not able to attend a baseball game today, I sure was in the spirit with my Detroit Tigers shirt. I was also in good spirits because the weather is finally warming up! It was about 60 degrees and I loved being out and about without a heavy coat and the heat blasting in my car. Also, it was absolutely amazing not having work or class on a Monday! My class was cancelled and I didn’t have work so I loved every second of it. I covered a story on campus, went to the mall, and hung out at home. I was nice and comfy in my leggings and sneakers (as usual). What do you think of my opening day apparel?

xoxo, Kayla

IMG_6849 IMG_6853 IMG_6854 IMG_6855 IMG_6857 IMG_6859 IMG_6860 IMG_6862 IMG_6866 IMG_6871 IMG_6872Outfit Details!

Top: Pink by Victoria’s Secret || Leggings: Pink by Victoria’s Secret || Shoes: Forever 21

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