Strappy Back and Denim

Since summer is ending, it’s time to bring out your crop tops and skirts for the last time. I forgot I owned this strappy back, acid wash bralette so I was excited to style it. I ended up pairing it with my denim pencil skirt that has a similar wash. They ended up complementing each other pretty well!  I added some silver accessories to match my silver sandals. The blue tint in my reflective sunglasses seemed to go well with the color scheme as well. This was probably one of my favorite looks this summer. What do you think?

IMG_8160 IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_8157 IMG_8156 IMG_8155 IMG_8154 IMG_8153 IMG_8152 IMG_8150 IMG_8149 IMG_8145 IMG_8144

Outfit Details!

Top: Pink by Victoria’s Secret // Skirt: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: American Eagle // Sandals

(All exact items are sold out)

xoxo, Kayla

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