22 Things To Do, While I’m 22

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday!!! Since I never got around to making my New Year resolutions, I decided to merge them into my list of goals to achieve while I’m 22. Perks of having a January birthday 😉


  1. Move out of my parents house. √
  2. Complete my Bachelor’s degree. √
  3. Go to graduate school. √
  4. Visit a country I’ve never seen before. √
  5. Clean out my room and revamp my style. √
  6. Get my first professional massage.
  7. Make new girl friends. √
  8. Redesign my blog and do my first giveaway.
  9. Read more. Make a dent in my pile of unread books. √
  10. Be more confident. √
  11. Find new ways to manage my stress level. √
  12. Do more freelance writing and publish more articles. √
  13. Take my photography to the next level. √
  14. Have a party or get-together with all of my closest friends. √
  15. Get another tattoo.
  16. Take a road trip for no reason.
  17. Decorate my bedroom exactly how I want it. √
  18. Learn to cook new meals. √
  19. Catch a cab for the first time. √
  20. Learn new ways to do my makeup. √
  21. Be more healthy. √
  22. Pray more and go to church more.

“I don’t know abour you, but I’m feeling 22!” ❤ 

Anything I’m missing? Let me know!

xoxo, Kayla

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