2016 Glam Gala for KIDSgala

I have been doing some internship work for this new company called The Styled Life. It is a pretty cool company that basically virtualizes your closet and offers personal styling over the internet. I basically reach out to other bloggers and ask them to check it out. And on Friday, Feb. 5, I got a pretty cool opportunity through them as well. I was able to attend my first Michigan fashion event, the 2016 Glam Gala for KIDSgala.

The event was held to benefit KIDSgala, a David C. McKnight Foundation and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. According to the event listing, “KIDSgala is a foundation created in the memory of Nicole Marie Burton, to provide a celebration of life to children who have or are battling a life-altering event. KIDSgala is dedicated to hosting events that will individually celebrate each child’s life achievements. Over the past 12 months KIDSgala has provided 7 ‘Celebration of Life Parties’ to children. These parties give the child at least one day away from the pain and suffering they were enduring and just allowed them to be a kid.”

The event included mini boutique runway shows, pop-up shops and a silent auction. The decorations and venue were fabulous as well. It was held at Summit On The Park in Canton, MI. I had good food and although I couldn’t stay the whole time, it was nice experience.


xoxo, Kayla

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