Movie Review: Moonlight

Moonlight is captivating and powerful

Take almost every minority stereotype that you have ever heard and throw it out the window. Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, is an absolutely beautiful coming of age depiction of a black, gay male in Miami. If you were at the Toronto International Film Festival and didn’t see it, then you missed out.

Quite frankly, this is a movie that America needs. It addresses so many different aspects of identity and it does so in a way that combines stunning imagery, a powerful cast, and a very vulnerable storyline.

The film follows the main character Chiron, also referred to as Little and Black, during three stages of this life: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Each stage addresses different struggles in his life that have to deal with figuring out his sexuality, dealing with a crack-addicted parent, and finding support in the most unexpected people.

It is so often that society portrays gay males as flamboyant and drug addicts as heartless monsters and dealers as violent thugs. This movie doesn’t do that. The audience is able to get to know the characters on an intimate level in a short amount of time and it allows for so much empathy during difficult situations.

Moonlight is emotional and nuanced in a way that no other film on these topics has been. It is important for people to see this film because it shows the complexity of human emotions and although not everyone is a gay, African-American male, everyone has struggled with identity at some point in their life. This film can help viewers gain a new prospective on themselves and others, while still being entertained by the vibrant scenery and suitable music throughout. This is a romantic love story that is told simply beautifully.

xoxo, Kayla


Photo credit: A24

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