Syracuse University Graduation: Mastered It!

Arts Journalism Master’s Program

This past year I’ve been so blessed to receive such a fabulous education at the best journalism school in the country. Not only was I able to become a way better interviewer, reporter, and storyteller, but I also had the opportunity to travel around New York, see my first opera, attend the Toronto International Film Festival, watch Hamilton on Broadway (and many other great plays), tour The New York Times, network with some of the most impressive people in my field, complete an internship at my favorite magazine, get published by multiple major magazines, websites, and newspapers, have my words, videos, and photos seen by more people than ever, and spend three weeks in Charleston, S.C. as a festival reporter for a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper! Damn, I still can’t believe it! This program really did make a huge impact on my life and I feel so much more prepared for a career in journalism than I ever thought possible.

New Friendships ❤

But, just as important as all of that, are the amazing friends I’ve made along the way. Thank you so much to the friends I’ve made this past year. I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without being inspired, pushed harder, and supported by my fellow arts journalists in my small program of ten people, as well the friends I made in some of the other programs at Newhouse. I never thought I needed more girl friends in my life, but I was so wrong. Not only did I make new friends, I made lifelong friends. I couldn’t be more grateful for the talented colleagues and professors that surrounded me during this journey. I would thank them all by name, but I’m worried I would forget someone.

What’s Next?

The short answer is: I have no idea. I have been constantly applying for jobs and paid internships, but journalism, especially fashion journalism, is VERY competitive. I probably couldn’t have chosen a more difficult field to break into. However, I am not giving up on my dream, not after coming this far. So, I will be moving to New York City with my best friend Kailena. While I’m there I may have to work in retail again to pay the bills, but I will continue to look for an internship or entry level position in my field until I get one. I will also continue to freelance and build my portfolio. Since this will be my FIRST TIME OUT OF SCHOOL, I also plan to spend more time on my blog and getting healthier. Thank you so much to all of my supporters, you guys keep me going! ❤


All of the above photos were taken by Alan Taylor Jr.


Outfits Details

Outfit #1: Gray Striped Dress: T.J. Maxx // Pink Pumps: Aldo // Black Booties: Target

Outfit #2: Mesh & Velvet Bodysuit: Forever 21 // Black Pencil Skirt // Nude Heels: Aldo

 Outfit #3: Floral Dress: ASOS // Black Wedges // White Studded Flats: ASOS // Thick White Belt: Lane Bryant


xoxo, Kayla

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