What Kate Spade Means to Me

During my freshman year of college I discovered Nordstrom Rack. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, high-end fashion wasn’t something I came across often. So, when my family moved to a different city with a Nordstrom Rack about 5 minutes away, I was amazed to see so many fabulous designers at pretty affordable prices. Michael Kors watches, Calvin Klein sweaters, I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to find this place. The very first section I took my time rummaging through was the purses. When I laid my eyes on the vibrant Kate Spade selection of teal, purple, pink, and yellow bags I knew I needed one. They were simple, yet striking. Elegant, yet youthful. The perfect addition to any young woman’s wardrobe.


Although I asked for one for Christmas that year, I sadly never got one because, to no surprise, they sold out quickly. However, my mom did later get me a different Kate Spade bag. This one wasn’t a brightly colored crossbody purse and it cost a lot less, but it was the PERFECT bag for me. It was a little canvas tote that looked like a newspaper. The “Make Headlines” bag was fashion and journalism (my two passions) all wrapped into one practical accessory. I had never seen something that seemed to encompass me so well.


Since then, my mom has continued to gift me little gems from Kate Spade’s various product lines. One of my favorite perfumes is Kate Spade Live Colorfully. The citrusy floral scent feels happy and warm, just like almost everything else the brand has to offer.


I have a couple of Kate Spade coffee cups too. Similar to my tote bag, they seem to have a fashion journalist aesthetic. The design resembles a magazine cover — so naturally, I’m obsessed with them.


I’ve also owned Kate Spade notebooks and planners. All of these items that make up my little collection seem to fit my personal style in a way that is too perfect for words. Although Kate Spade the person hasn’t ran the brand for years now, it’s still her creative vision and voice that made the successful brand what it is today. That happiness and energy that can be felt when I drink out of one of these coffee cups or spritz on my perfume are a direct reflection of a true fashion icon who genuinely understood the modern woman.

Kate Spade was such an inspiration, such a beautiful creator. She will be greatly missed. It is times like this when we need to remember that success doesn’t equal happiness and mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Reach out to your loved ones and check on them. Make sure they know they’re not alone. And neither are you!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:



RIP Kate Spade! ❤

xoxo, Kayla

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