Sun Kissed

Working in retail has a lot of ups and downs, but one of the best perks of being a Victoria’s Secret Pink girl is getting to wear the comfy clothes to work! I pretty much live in printed leggings and the ultimate yogas are definitely the best material out of all of the leggings I own. The hoodie and mini backpack have the perfect spring/summer color story so it was just what I needed on this beautiful day. My cute little Coach sneakers are really comfortable and light as well, I ordered them during the Coach semi-annual shoe sale last year. My sunglasses were actually free with a Pink purchase a couple months ago. I’m so excited to keep posting bright colors for spring! Let me know what you think.

Much Love, Kayla.

Full Zip Hoodie: Pink

Cheetah Ultimate Yoga Leggings: Pink

Palm Tree Mini Backpack: Pink

Sunglasses: Pink

Sneakers: Coach

DSCN3022 DSCN3024 DSCN3026 DSCN3029 DSCN3033 DSCN3034 DSCN3035 DSCN3037 DSCN3039 DSCN3041 DSCN3046 DSCN3048 DSCN3049 DSCN3050 DSCN3052 DSCN3057 DSCN3060 DSCN3063 DSCN3064



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