Leopard Maxi

I wore this outfit to the Eastern Celebration of Excellence. I was receiving acknowledgment for a scholarship I just won through the EMU English Department. I wasn’t really sure if I was suppose to dress up or not so this was my take on how to look kind of dressed up, but still could pass for casual at the same time. The most expensive thing I’m wearing was probably my DKNY prescription sunglasses that I got from the actual eye doctor for $229. However, the rest of the outfit was totally inexpensive. Wet Seal always has clearance going on and I’m pretty sure they have their maxi dresses on some kind of promotion right now. The Betsey Johnson cross body purse is very convenient to carry around and I love the silver studs and quilted design on it. I got it on clearance at JC Penny. I can’t remember where my little ballet flats came from, but they were really comfortable. If their is any details I left out or if you have any suggestions then feel free to let me know in the comments!

Much Love, Kayla.

Leopard Print Maxi Dress: Wet Seal

Denim Jacket: Wet Seal

Silver Ballet Flats

Prescription Sunglasses: DKNY

Purse: Betsey Johnson

DSCN2941 DSCN2958 DSCN2943 DSCN2948 DSCN2951 DSCN2961 DSCN2959 DSCN2957 DSCN2956 DSCN2953 DSCN2964 DSCN2965 DSCN2972DSCN2968 DSCN2969


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