Springbreakerz: Panama City Beach, FL

I got to tag along with my younger cousin for her senior year spring break trip. Me, my 17 year-old cousin, her best friend, and my other cousin who is 19, all took on the 16 hour drive from the suburbs of Detroit to Panama City Beach. The beach was by far the most amazing part of the trip. It was so nice to relax and literally wake up and walk straight outside to lay in the white sand. We stayed at the Seahaven Beach Hotel, which was not the fanciest place, but we did have a balcony that looked right over the beach. I got to experience Pier Park, which had a bunch of adorable little shops and restaurants. I also went to Gulf World Marine Park, where I got to pet a sting ray, watch a dolphin show, a sea lion show, and tons of other wild life exhibits. There are tons and tons of tourist gift shops and attractions up and down Front Beach Rd. which is where our hotel was located. During spring break season, there are also parties pretty much every day ranging from foam parties to paint parties and high school and college spring breakers can even purchase “shark cards” for $50 that will get you into every part for that week. All in all the trip was a wonderful break from the cold weather in Michigan and there is nothing else like swimming in the clear blue ocean and having girl time with my lovely cousins!

Much Love, Kayla


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4 thoughts on “Springbreakerz: Panama City Beach, FL

  1. LoseItBig says:

    I am getting ready to take this same path. I’m leaving from Indy so, it’s only 12 hour drive (at least according to google maps). Thnaks for the ideas of Gulf World. Any restaurants or any thing else you think is a must see. I am just looking forward to the beach and sun.

    • Kayla Cheyenne Boyd says:

      I ate at Dick’s Last Resort which was a funny experience, expensive, but pretty good. Sharky’s was pretty good and so was the barefoot beach club which was just bar food for the most part.

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