A Look Inside BeautyCon NYC

During grad school I had this awesome professor who taught beauty advertising. She was a brand manager at L’Oreal and I learned so much from her about the beauty industry. One thing I remember her telling us is that if we ever got the chance to attend BeautyCon, then we absolutely needed to go — so I made sure to do just that! And on April 21-22, I attended BeautyCon NYC for the first time!

If you’ve never heard of BeautyCon, it’s basically a mix between a festival and a convention that is centered around all things beauty! It’s held annually in NYC, Los Angeles, and London. Since I live in NYC now, I knew that I needed to make it happen. So I got a weekend pass and went all by myself. If I go again I would definitely like to go with friends, but I will say that doing it alone went totally fine. I really enjoyed myself!

It took place at the Javits CenterΒ and featured two large open spaces full of booths set up by major beauty brands. The two massive rooms were connected by a third large space, which was set up more like an auditorium (except cooler) — this is where celebrity panels and interviews were held. Some of the people I got to see speak were Gigi Gorgeous, My Life As Eva, Bobbi Brown, and more. I also met and took selfies with PARIS HILTON and Jonathan Cheban (aka FoodGod, aka Kim Kardashian’s BFF). It was amazing!!!

In addition to the celebrities and influencers, there were also a lot of free samples, discounts, and photo booths! I got pink space buns put into my hair, I had tons of cute photo moments, and I left with a ton of new products! I actually think I’m going to do a haul post of everything I got at BeautyCon. Overall it was so much fun and I am already excited to go next year!



Beauty Look for Day One:

Beauty Look for Day Two:

Have you ever been to BeautyCon?

xoxo, Kayla

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