Product Review: “Calm Before The Storm” Pallet by Kylie Cosmetics

As an entertainment writer for CafeMom I have written A LOT of stories about the Kardashians, especially when it came to all of the speculation surrounding Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. I was already a frequent customer of Kylie Cosmetics, but I have to say that writing about Kylie on a daily basis made me actually like her more as a celebrity. I can’t say the same about all of the Kardashian/Jenner’s, but she’s definitely one of my favorites. So, when it became official news that she had a baby girl, Stormi, it was only a matter of time until we got a new makeup collection inspired by her — and of course I was going to get in on the action.


I already new I was going to grab something from the Weather Collection when it dropped and I was debating on getting the Glitter Eyes, but they sold out fast. I decided to try the Calm Before The Storm Kyshadow Pallet because it looked perfect for spring. The collection of pastel colors are something I didn’t already have so it seemed like a pretty good option. The pallet retails for $40 and includes 10 colors at 0.9g each.

Overall, I would rate this pallet a 7 out of 10. It’s borderline average quality, but it gets extra points because I love the story behind it and the cohesiveness of the collection. My biggest disappointment was in the pigmentation. Every color is very light and it has to be layered on in order to show up. Of course a good brush helps, but the colors were just a little too sheer in my opinion. However, I do really like that each matte pastel color has a coordinating shade of shimmer eyeshadow. I learned that if I layer the matte and the shimmer shadows it helps the color standout a little better.

The Packaging:

I love the packaging! The yellow and iridescent combination is so cute.Β  But, personally I do wish it said “Calm Before The Storm” on the actual pallet case as opposed to just the box it came in.



It took a few swipes for me to get the colors to show up well. This is with no camera flash. The color names are really cute. From left to right: Heaven Sent, Starbaby, Rockabye, Aquarius, Angel, Northern Light, Sunshine, True Love, Sweet Sweet, Little Wonder.

IMG_6971 (1)


These two looks are mostly a combination of the pink and yellow shades. I believe I mixed in the purple shades for the top look as well. They’re both more subtle than my usual eyeshadow preference, but this may work well for those that prefer a less vibrant eye look. They also make good blending or transitional colors.

Have you tried Kylie’s Weather Collection?

xoxo, Kayla

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