I Woke Up Like Dis

This was my attire for my walk at the Riverfront in downtown Detroit. A day outdoors with my best friend made for a perfect day off. Despite the off and on raining, it was a lovely day. We went around southwest Detroit and visited her grandparents. We also got ice cream at Family Treat  which you can see photographed in my last post, Enjoy Detroit: A Day At The River Walk along with tons of other pictures of the wonderful scenery. My black shorts and pink vans were perfect for our adventurous day. My “I woke up like dis” fringed tank was screened for me at a tourist shop while I was in Panama City Beach. The quote comes from one of Beyonce’s songs, which I’m sure most of you already knew. The humidity called for a curly ponytail, so the natural look definitely kept me true to the saying on my shirt. Let me know what you think!

Much Love, Kayla

Tank Top: tourist shop in Panama City Beach

High-Waisted Shorts: Ron Jon Surf Shop

Vans: Journey’s

Denim Jacket: Wet Seal

Purse: Pink

Brallette: Pink

Cross Ring: Earthbound

DSCN3817 DSCN3816 DSCN3810 DSCN3803 DSCN3802 DSCN3801 DSCN3800 DSCN3799 DSCN3798 DSCN3828

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