5 Ways to Relax After a Long Day

1. Bubble Bath


After a long day at work there is nothing more relaxing than setting up a nice bath. Personally, I love to play my music on my iHome and light some candles. The candles not only make for the ultimate relaxing lighting, but certain scents can help sooth your body as well. I would even suggest making a playlist on your phone or iPod that has some slow jams on it just for when you need to wind down. Not to sound bougie, but I always use luffas and my favorite body scrub at the time when I have to time to take a bath. The lotion and body scrub that I used this time were from the Pink Body Care line at Victoria’s Secret, my luffa can be picked up at any grocery store like Meijer or Walmart, and my iHome to play my iPod nano out loud was purchased as Barnes and Noble. My lovely candle is lilac scented from Yankee Candle.

2. PJ Time

DSCN3660 DSCN3661

Find your favorite pjs and cozy up with your favorite pillow or stuffed animals. Weather you like flannel pajama sets or boxers and a tank sometimes it can feel just so relieving to get into your most comfy clothes. I love all different kinds of PJ sets, but for the summer my favorite is probably my “I Need Coffee” night shirt from Victoria’s Secret Pink.  My favorite pillow is my “Hit Snooze” body pillow, also from Pink. Then, of course, my lifetime companion, my froggy pillow pet and my favorite slippers by Steve Madden.

3. Write or Read


Writing or reading are always a great way to chill out. Even if you’re not a writer, keeping a journal or a diary can be a wonderful way to relieve everyday stress. Making lists or bullet pointing moments of your day can keep your thoughts organized or even just free hand sketching or poetry can make you feel so much better. Reading is also a good option because you can kind of escape reality for a little while and that can be really good for relaxing your mind. I like to look outside for some inspiration sometimes when I’m in my writing zone. It’s also best to read and write without your phone or television on so that way you can really be alone in your thoughts without any distractions.

4. Face Masque


Don’t judge me for how silly I look in the picture, but my Mint Julep face masque always helps me relax while cleaning my pores at the same time. The cucumbers were just my way of trying to be fancy, but they did cool down my eyes and it was pretty nice. My mom even likes to paint her nails to relax, so just any means of pampering yourself may be just what you need to wind down at night. If you decide to use the face masque like me then I would suggest using a non scented face lotion after you rinse it off to keep your face from getting too dry. Also, make sure you have your hair up and out of the way. My fluffy robe from Ulta also topped  off my homemade spa feel.

5. Hop into Bed


Clean sheets and a made bed always feels wonderful. Hopping into a clean bed is sure to make you rest easier. Then just turn on your favorite movie or show and call it a night! Personally, I love to tune into Pretty Little Liars whether it’s a new episode on ABC Family or past seasons on Netflix. My entire bed set was purchased at Victoria’s Secret Pink and my adorable wall decal from Bed, Bath, and Beyond says “You Look Gorgeous.”

Let me know your favorite way to relax or any questions you have in the comments!

Much Love, Kayla

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