Weekend Family Getaway: Clarksville, TN

This past weekend, my parents and sisters and I loaded up the Explorer and drove over eight hours away to Clarksville, TN (right outside of Nashville) to have a relaxing weekend at my Grandparents house. I haven’t visited them in almost three years so it was so great to get to see them and my aunt, uncle, and cousins as well. The weather was blazing hot so we hung out inside the house most of the time. But, there is nothing like having grandma fix you meals and doing arts and crafts like a little kid again. I went shopping with my grandpa and I am happy to report that he did survive and he didn’t even complain once! It was all stores I’ve been to in Michigan, but it was nice to see what a different location had to offer. I found a lot of great things for back to school and I will be posting them soon! I also watched movies with my family, slept in everyday, and checked out my grandpa’s candy red motorcycle. It was definitely a nice way to end my summer. How did you spend your last couple weeks of summer?

DSCN4871DSCN4892 DSCN4877 DSCN4876 DSCN4873 DSCN4857 DSCN4856 DSCN4850 DSCN4849 DSCN4847 DSCN4845 DSCN4841 DSCN4839 DSCN4832 DSCN4830 DSCN4829 DSCN4823 DSCN4815

xoxo, Kayla

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