Black Skinny Jeans: From the office to hanging out

We are busy people. If you are anything like me then you’re probably running from school to work and work to school throughout the week (or day) while still trying to have some sort of a social life. Sometime you don’t have time to worry about changing your clothes in between your hectic schedule, but with a few simple staple garments you may be able to make that transition from work to play a whole lot more fast and fashionable. Black skinny jeans are a very versatile item to have. You can transform your work attire to a simple, casual look in less than a minute. Wear your black jeans with a fitted black top and you already have endless possibilities! You can also transform your hair from down to a simple ponytail or from up in a bun to letting it all hang loose. For my looks I just kept in my ponytail (don’t mind the frizz, it was a stormy day).

Work Attire:

Pair your black jeans and black top with

-A Blazer



*It doesn’t have to be all black like mine, I am just required to wear all black to work sometimes.

DSCN5021 DSCN5024 DSCN5027

Class or Hanging Out:

Take just one minute in your room or even your car and transform your look to comfort by pairing your same black jeans and top with

-A Hoodie


DSCN5036 DSCN5034DSCN5040

My Top Picks!

1. True black high-rise jeggings by American Eagle $39.99

2. Black pressed skinny jeans by Levi’s $40.00 (sale price)

3. Refuge “Skin Tight Legging” black skinny jeans by Charlotte Russe $29.99

4. Black jcp skinny jeans by JCPenney $27.99 (sale price)


Outfit Deets!

Black High-rise Skinny’s: American Eagle | Black V-neck: Wet Seal | Black Blazer: H&M | Black Flats: Famous Footwear | Green Funnel-neck Hoodie: Pink | LeBron “Soldier 7” Sneakers: Finish Line | Rosegold & Clear Watch: Michael Kors | Gold Tote: Coach

Much Love, Kayla


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