DIY Costume #1: Cheetahlicious Day to Night

If you are still looking for some last minute inspiration and you have cheetah print in your closet then I have a quick and easy costume for you. I paired my cheetah leggings and raglan together for my daytime look. They were 2 for $42 at Victoria’s Secret Pink. Then I had some black sparkle ears from last year that made the whole costume. They were pretty cheap from Icing, but you can get cat ears almost anywhere around Halloween time. A headband with ears on it is always a good thing to keep for future Halloweens because it’s so simple. I also had my cheetah print ugh boots, which might be way too much a regular day, but on Halloween it’s never too much! Then, just use pencil eye liner for the nose an whiskers.




For my night look I just kept on the same makeup, ears, and leggings. To make it a little more sexy, I put on my cheetah print Date bra and a leather jacket and leather boots. If you don’t have cheetah leggings, a plain black outfit with a cheetah scarf will still be cute. The ears and makeup is what will really make it so the outfit can be accomplished with any cheetahlicious items you have in your closet.




Outfit Deets!

Raglan: Pink | Leggings: Pink | Date Bra: Pink | UGG Boots: UGG Australia | Black Boots: Wet Seal | Leather Jacket: Wet Seal | Black Ears Headband: Icing

Much Love, Kayla

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