Tricks & Treats: Four fun things to do on Halloween

1. Decorate a mask: You can buy a plain one for 99 cents at Halloween City or you can cut one out of cardboard or construction paper. Whether you want to make one that goes with your costume or just make something fun to hang on your wall. You can use glitter, feathers, stickers, paint, markers, literally anything you want! I made a sugar scull mask to wear tonight.



2. Carve or decorate pumpkins: You can buy cheap decorating kits from stores like Meijer or you can use a knife and carve it. You can buy a fancy stencil to guide you or you can freehand a traditional jack-o-lantern like I did. If you carve it then you can also bake the pumpkin seeds, salt them, and have them as a snack.




3. Read Halloween articles or short stories: What better time to read something creepy or spooky than on Halloween day! Search online or pickup a newspaper for some interesting articles. I suggest eating a donut while you’re at it! I was reading my article in The Eastern Echo.


4. Wear orange and black: It’s Friday and a lot of still have responsibilities today in the grown up world. So if you’re not able to dress up then you can still be festive with some orange and black accessories!


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