31 Bits: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

From Me To Mom

When I was in southern California, one of the businesses we visited was the headquarters of a jewelry retailer called 31 Bits. Since it was right before Mother’s Day they were running a promotion where you can get a free Mother’s Day card with your purchase. Since my mom loves bracelets, of course it was only right to pick her out one of the colorful, unique, beaded bracelets. I fell in love with this store because not only was the jewelry handcrafted and beautiful, but it has a lot of meaning behind it.

31 Bits

“Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty.”

These aren’t just any fashion accessories, the beads are actually made from… paper! As crazy as it sounds, these paper beads are very high quality. In addition to being fabulous, these accessories are made in Uganda. The women in Uganda who make the jewelry are learning how to be successful and earn a sustainable income while battling poverty. The company puts them in programs that help them get proper medical care, business knowledge, and more. It’s truly amazing. Shop and learn more about 31 Bits here.

Mother’s Day

When I gave my mom her bracelet, her card, and her superhero mask she basically started crying. It was one of the best gifts she had ever gotten from me and she loved the meaning behind it. In addition to her 31 Bits gift, my sisters, step-dad, and I created the cutest Pinterest gift from all of us. My step-dad got a frame, put a great quote on it, got all of our handprints, and made this beautiful picture. Of course, mom was obsessed with it. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! ❤

xoxo, Kayla

IMG_7217 IMG_7218 IMG_7219 IMG_7226 IMG_7228

IMG_7232 IMG_7234

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