Pimp My Ride: Cute Car Decor Ideas

My friends and family can always pick out my car in a parking lot because of all of of my funky decor. In my opinion, a car is like your bedroom. It’s YOURS. You spend a lot of time in it and it probably ha visitors from time to time. So, why not make it reflect your personality? My first car was decked out just as much, if not more, than my current car. Currently, I drive a red 2003 Ford Focus. My car is small and old, but it’s great on gas! It was given to me by my step-dad so it didn’t exactly feel like MY car… until I “Kaylafied” it!

I think that the first step should be to pick out your seat covers. That is the biggest attention getter. I love animal print and i didn’t want a color that would clash with the red and black exterior so I went with black, gray, and white leopard print. I got the front and back seat covers so it would really stand out. I also got the matching steering wheel cover, which is basically a must.

Floor mats often come to match the seat covers as well. However, I wanted to have some red accents so I went with black floor mats that have red lips on them. The red lips happened to match a car magnet that I kept from when i had my last car.

Some other little things that I added include coasters for inside of the cup holders, a fuzzy mirror cover, a CD holder, and a froggy antenna ball. I also replaced the radio to a newer one. And then I also added some school spirit by putting on some window decals.

All of these items were purchased from http://www.cardecor.com/ and Amazon.

IMG_8217 IMG_8212 IMG_8204 IMG_8201 IMG_8200 IMG_8199 IMG_8198 IMG_8197 IMG_8191 IMG_8188 IMG_8187 IMG_8186 IMG_8185 IMG_8184

Let me know what you think!

xoxo, Kayla

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