My Week As A New Student Orientation Assistant

I have been in classes for about a month now and I realized that I never shared the awesome experience I had of being a New Student Orientation Assistant (NSOA). I spent September 1-3 training and then the 4-7 were the actual orientation days… And I’m talking 12-14 hour days every day! It was a huge time commitment, but it was tons of fun. Basically, a group of about 200 Eastern Michigan University student volunteers were broken up into core groups who we trained with and bonded with. Then we were assigned partners within our core group and we were then responsible for a group of about 15-30 new students. During orientation, my partner and I had a great group of freshmen! The activities we did included going to a football game, playing ice breakers, watching a play, eating meals together, having a dance party with carnival games and performers, and sitting through informational presentations. It was a long, but rewarding week where I was able to make new friends, earn community service hours, and gain a lot of pride and appreciation for my school! 

xoxo, Kayla

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