4th of July Weekend

Today is the day that I go back to work after having four awesome days off. I spent this past weekend with my best friend and my cousin. We explored Downtown Ann Arbor and went for a walk around Downtown Brighton. We actually spent most of the weekend staying at my Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful house in Brighton. There we played some basketball, sat by the fire, went to the beach, watched movies, ate pizza, and I even learned how to longboard. It was relaxing and so much fun being able to hang out all weekend without work or homework. Now, it’s back to business!

xoxo, Kayla

IMG_7896 IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7883 IMG_7881 IMG_7849 IMG_7851 IMG_7847 IMG_7823 IMG_7805 IMG_7799 IMG_7798 IMG_7796 IMG_7791 IMG_7778 IMG_7777 IMG_7776 IMG_7771 IMG_7756 IMG_7741

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