My First NYC Apartment

Back in June, I decided to follow my dreams and move to New York City. It was terrifying, but I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Kailena, make the move with me. I had just finished my master’s degree at Syracuse University and Kailena was working in advertising in Michigan. She found a job in NYC and was able to move to the city right at the beginning of June. I came a few weeks later after finishing my graduate capstone. I didn’t have an internship secured yet at the time of moving, but by the grace of God, I ended up getting a position as lifestyle and entertainment intern at just a week or two after I moved to the city.

The last 5 (almost 6) months have been a rollercoaster! NYC is not for the weak, I’ll tell you that. It’s beyond expensive, the job market is extremely competitive, and it’s very crowded (obviously). However, it’s also SO much fun. I’ve never been exposed to more art, fashion, and types of food in my life! It’s truly a magical place. But, like all dreams, it doesn’t come easy. I was able to get my internship extended so I am still working at CafeMom full-time; however, I have been struggling to find a permanent job in the ever evolving journalism industry.

Living off of an intern pay check in the Big Apple means it’s very hard to pay bills (especially with how expensive rent is). I’m probably going to have to get a second job soon and I will also be moving in with a friend to make my rent less expensive for the time being. So, in honor of all of my changes and “make it work” moments, I decided to show you guys my current room in my first official NYC apartment.

While living in this apartment, in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, me and Kailena have had three other roommates and they are all very sweet and intelligent ladies. But, we also have had to deal with bed bug extermination and mice! If you’ve never lived in a big city then you may not know that those are extremely common problemsΒ β€” but it doesn’t make it any less stressful (especially since I’m terrified of mice). We conquered all of the obstacles, though.

The plan is to stay with my friend in the Bronx for a couple months, get a second job, and save some money. That way me and Kailena can find a more permanent apartment sometime in 2018. It’s scary and difficult, but still exciting and I believe that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. I am so blessed to have a friend by my side and the support of my family back home.

So, here’s to finding a good job and an awesome apartment in 2018! Let me know what you like about my current room and I’ll keep that in mind when I move again! πŸ™‚

Side note: I got my shoe rack, desk, mattress, bed frame, and purse rack all from Amazon.


Throwback! Before I lived in NYC, I had the cutest studio apartment in Syracuse. Here is a look at my previous apartment:

xoxo, Kayla



8 thoughts on “My First NYC Apartment

  1. Lucious O. White says:

    I think it’s amazing that you girls moved out there! So many people, including myself, dream of things and never even try. I know you 2 will be sucsessful. Your room’s dope 😁

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