Internship: CollegeFashionista

During my senior year of college, my fashion major required that I have an internship. Taking 15-16 credit hours, being involved on campus and working in retail part-time didn’t allow for much free time, especially since most fashion internships are unpaid. Luckily, I came across the perfect way to work in fashion, get internship credit and develop my skills in writing, photography and social media promotion. I got an online internship as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista


My Role As A Style Guru

Basically what I did was find fashionable students on campus and take photos of them and write an article to go with it. The story would be focused on one of the categories they gave me to choose from and all of the guidelines were laid out in a package that they sent me at the beginning of the semester. The package would outline what each type of post had to include, what kind of tags were acceptable and how to take your photos. All of these rules helped to make the website very cohesive. I was also required to promote all of my articles on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and whatever other social media I had. For the summer semester, I had a weekly deadline and for the fall semester they made it a monthly deadline. The weekly deadline seemed pretty demanding, but the monthly one felt like not enough work. However, the fact that everything was done online made it extremely manageable for someone busy like me. If I wanted to take all of my photos way ahead of time and then write my articles at 2 a.m. then that was perfectly fine, as long as my posts were completed on time. I would also get feedback on every single post through email and if something was wrong then they would tell you what to fix and you could resubmit it.

Getting Involved

In addition to writing articles, we would also have Twitter discussions called #FashionTalk and my editors would suggest different books to read once a month. One of the books I read was My Paris Dream and it was followed by a #FashionTalk with the author herself, Kate Betts. There were also a  lot of different contests, discounts, a Facebook group to connect with your fellow Style Gurus and a question forum for when you had a pressing question or concern.



If this sounds like your kind of thing, then I would for sure recommend checking it out for college credit or just for the experience. If you want to be a writer or photographer (like me) then it also really helps you to build your portfolio. You can get more info and apply to be a Style Guru here.

xoxo, Kayla

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