What I Got For Christmas vol. 3

This Christmas was very good to me! I am so blessed and fortunate to have seen so many of my friends and family, ate such great food, and received really amazing gifts. I divided my gifts into categories and I must say, I was blown away by everything that people picked out for me.

Comfy & Cozy

Nice pajamas are the best gift because we never want to buy them for ourselves. Not only did I get two super cute PJ sets, I also got new slippers, fuzzy socks, and two robes! I’m super excited to break out my new bedtime wardrobe next time I have a Netflix binge.



Muk Luk Slippers (similar on sale for $25.99) // Leopard 3-Piece PJ Set (on sale for $25) // Victoria’s Secret Fireside Long Jane Pajamas (other colors on sale for $39.50) // Ulta Pink Robe (sold out) // Hearts Gray Plush Robe (on sale for $21.99) // Ulta Pink Fuzzy Socks (sold out)

Warmth for Winter

Being from Michigan and living in Syracuse, NY makes me no stranger to the lake-effect snow. Since I walk a lot at school, my family is always concerned about me staying warm. So, two of my aunts got me the cutest winter accessories.



Mossimo Chunky Infinity Scarf (on sale for $13.99) // Silver Honeycomb Mittens (on sale for $12) // Two-Tone Tassel Knit Scarf (on sale for $16) // Two-Toned Rib Knit Pom-Pom Hat (on sale for $14)

Bath & Body Care

Another thing that you never want to buy, but you always want/need is nice body care products. I was so excited to get new lotions, soaps, chapsticks, razors, etc. On top of the basics, I also got some great perfume! My grandparents got me a travel sized Juicy Couture set and my parents got me a Kate Spade fragrance. The fundamentals of beauty all start with good hygiene and a pleasant scent 🙂



Kate Spade Live Colorfully ($75) // Viva la Juicy Jetsetter Set (other options) // Dial Silk Collection ($9.99) // EOS Products // Pacifica Products

Makeup Re-up 

What makeup lover isn’t obsessed with getting new products as a gift?! One of my best friends got me a new pallet of neutral eyeshadows, my first pair of fake lashes (I’ll let you know how that goes), and a blending sponge! I was super excited. Also, Santa put some body shimmer in my stocking.



Ulta + Jenny Fox Miss Fabulous Palett ($25.48) // Real Techniques Sponge ($6.99)


My aunt hooked me up with the cutest wine stuff. If you’re a graduate student then you understand! This heel set is the cutest thing everrrrr ❤



“Wine Me Up” XL Wine Glass ($14.99) // Heel Wine Bottle Stopper (similar $11.95)


Purses are one of my favorite things! My aunt, uncle, and cousins got me a very beautiful Guess purse. I also got a cute wristlet with a built-in phone charger and a change purse that matches it.



Charging Wallet (similar $19.99)

Coffee Forever

I am a coffee addict and I’m obsessed with my mugs and my Keurig, so anything that can feed that addiction is a wonderful gift in my eyes! In addition to awesome coffee cups from my family, I also got the cutest little mug tree to hold some of my cups, some K-cups (cause we know those are expensive), and these Betsey Johnson coasters I have been wanting for months (insert heart-eyes emoji here)!



Betsey Johnson “High Shine” Coaster Set ($19.99) // Biggby Peacock Tumbler ($9.99) // Kate Spade New York “Rain or Shine” Mug (various prices and retailers) // Spectrum Leaf Mug Holder ($13.99)

Tech Me Out

Buy me something for my camera and I’ll love you forever! My parents got me the number one thing I wanted, which was a telephoto lens that shoots 75-300mm (so it has really good zoom). My best friend got me something I didn’t even realize I needed: a flexible mini tripod! I’m so excited to use these and get more creative with my photography. Something small that I got for my phone that I think is pretty cute is a stand that looks like a heel.



Canon EF 75-300mm lens (refurbished for $105) // Gorillapod Flexible Tripod ($34.15) // Heel Cell Phone Holder (similar $5.99)

Bling Bling

One of my most special gifts this year was a beautiful Swarovski bracelet and ring from my parents. The original ring they got me didn’t fit my finger well, but when I went to exchange it they were having a half-off sale! So I was able to get two smaller rings and another bracelet for the price of that one ring! Basically a dream come true. I also got a new Alex and Ani bracelet as an early birthday presents from my grandparents. I got some other cute jewelry pieces that actually have some Native American meaning (I’m part Native American if you didn’t know). And my mom put some trendy new chokers in my stocking. All of this jewelry is very special to me and I’m so excited to rock it!



Swarovski Vittore Ring ($59) // Swarovski Vi Bracelet ($99) // Swarovski Chain Stardust Bracelet (sold out) // January Alex and Ani Bracelet ($28)

Reading & Writing

Obviously, being a journalist, I love to read and write all the time. So, naturally, I got some magazines, notebooks, and a new planner! Call me a nerd, but I’m always super excited to get a new planner. Also, my dad got me a cute little book of daily inspirations.



Kate Spade Notebook ($14) // Kate Spade Planner ($40)

Feeling Lucky

One other super fun gift I got was this frame of scratch-off lottery tickets from my dad! At first, I wasn’t feeling too lucky because I wasn’t winning anything at all, but I ended up with $63! It’s definitly a creative gift and I think anyone would enjoy this!


Secret Santa

Last, but not least, before I even came home for the holidays I had a holiday party with my graduate school program and we did a Secret Santa. My friend Hailey drew my name and she nailed it! I’m totally obsessed with everything she gave me: a “K” wine stopper, coffee mug, notebook, clipboard picture frame, jewelry plate, coaster, and wall decor. ❤


Special Thank You To… 

Mom, Chad, Dad, Ciara, Mya, Kailena, Bianca, Aunt Misty, Uncle Rich, Savannah, Alivia, Grandma and Grandpa Shoemaker, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jimmy, Zach, Logan, and Hailey.

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

xoxo, Kayla

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