Happy Summer, I’ve Missed You!

Hello Lovlies! I am feeling super terrible right now because I have barley blogged at all since I got out of school! Which is ironic because you would think I had more free time then I did when I was taking classes full time and working. But, between my retail job relocating and having their semiannual sale, working for my campus newspaper, taking summer classes, a GRE preparation course, and my internship it’s hard to find time to clean my room! However, my GRE class (the main consumer of my time) has finally ended! I still have studying to do until I take the actual test, but doing it on my own time will be a whole lot easier than attending a three hour class twice a week with huge loads of online homework. So basically this post is just to let everyone know that I am still alive and I’m missing the blogosphere! I have a lot of things to post so expect to hear from me a lot more frequently! Always feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

xoxo, Kayla

IMG_7624 IMG_7623 IMG_7627 IMG_7631

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