Guest Post: Free Apps for Beauty Addicts


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It wasn’t too long ago when we would scour through beauty and fashion magazines for makeup ideas, but with the power of technology these days, inspiration now comes from our smartphones and the apps that come with them, connecting us to fellow beauty addicts from far and wide. Although Pinterest is among the top social media outlets to provide us with the best tips, Beauty Blitz reveals that Instagram still reigns supreme in terms of influencing our daily makeup routine.

Without a doubt, our devices have weaved their way into our beauty regimens, becoming our go-to reference during times where we feel stuck in a makeup rut. Our dependence on technology has increased in terms of our beauty needs too, which have enabled more people to develop their own beauty apps as well as beauty related mobile games such as Golden Goddess that was created by the uber popular gaming platform PocketFruity to appeal to the niche market. With so many makeup and skincare apps out there today, smartphones are quick in delivering beauty tips and tricks, readily available thanks to all the developments in mobile internet.

Instagram may be everyone’s guilty pleasure, but there are a ton of other free apps that are perfect for anyone that’s obsessed with makeup:


Wondering what shade of lipstick your friend is showing off in her new profile picture? ShadeScout takes any photo and narrows down the lipstick to the exact shade family. You can also try on the lipstick virtually by turning on your video feed, which will show your face with the selected shade.


Tutorials, reviews, photos, there’s nothing that you can’t find in Beautylish to meet your needs. One of the great features of the app is that you can purchase products reviewed or used in video how-to’s straight from the app.

Sephora to Go

No beauty lover can survive without the Sephora app. Almost identical to the website, the mobile platform has everything from Sephora TV tutorials to Beauty Insider deals to keep you updated with all the ways you can use their products.


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